About our Araucana Chickens

Uses: Exhibition / Eggs. Eggs: 170-200 Green / Blue. 
Origin: Chile, South America. 
Weight: Cock: 2.7 - 3.2Kg Hen: 2.25 - 2.7Kg. 
Bantam Cock: 740 - 850g Hen: 680 - 790g

Colours: Black, Black-Red, Blue, Blue-Red, Crele, Cuckoo, Golden Duckwing, Lavender, Pile, Silver Duckwing,
Spangled, White (Standardised). 
Useful to know: When crossed with any other breed, the offspring will lay a green / blue egg. 

The Araucana comes from South America and are named after the Araucano tribe of Native South Americans. There are records of blue egg laying chickens in South America going back to the 1520's. The Araucana was officially named in the 1930s. The origins of the British Araucana go back at least a hundred years and mentions of blue egg laying chickens appear in the 1700s. The precise historical moment of introduction to the British Isles is not known however it is reported that a Chilean nitrate ship floundered off the coast of Scotland in the 1930’s and the descendants of bearded, muffed,tailed Araucanas that were aboard were scattered among the Inner Hebrides.

Araucanas are prolific layers of strong-shelled eggs, blue or green eggs. Their eggs are unique as the blue colour permeates throughout the shell. All other breeds which lay blue eggs have had Araucana genes introduced into their breed. They are prolific layers and are usually in lay by 20 - 24 weeks of age and will often lay throughout the winter months.

Araucanas are great characters, they are a very friendly breed and generally the cocks are not aggressive.