Higher Oak Farms Naga Chilli Peppers

We have had our first crop of Naga Chillies at Higher Oak Farm this week! So far only one person has dared to eat one and boy was it hot!! :-D

The Naga Viper pepper is one of the hottest chili peppers ever measured. It was briefly the "World's Hottest Chilli" in 2011 according to the Guinness World Records with a rating of 1,382,118 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), a figure that surpassed the reading of the Infinity Chilli.  In 2012, it was surpassed by the Trinidad moruga scorpion and in 2013 the Carolina Reaper for hottest chili.

The Naga Viper was created in England by chilli farmer Gerald Fowler of The Chilli Pepper Company in CarkCumbria.  It is claimed to be an unstable three-way hybrid produced from the Naga Morich, the Bhut Jolokia and the Trinidad Scorpion (some of the world's hottest peppers). Due to its hybrid nature it is unable to produce offspring exactly like the parent due to segregation of alleles, and therefore traits.

Black Rock Chickens for Sale

We now have a lovely bunch of black rock chickens for sale up at the farm. These black rock hens are the perfect free range chicken, for domestic and commercial situations. Contact us at kirk@higheroakfarm.com for details on how to buy. 

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck?

The boys spent a full week in the sun last summer splitting logs up at the farm. The result, lots of chopped wood and some interesting tan lines! :-) 

The Cheshire Show 2015

The Higher Oak Farm Team visited the Cheshire Show in 2015 and picked up lots of ideas and inspiration :-) A lovely sunny day!