About our Muirfield Black Rock Chickens


Origin Country: Scotland 
Uses: Utility - Domestic & Commercial. 
Useful to Know: Hardy, very friendly, good for beginners.

The Muirfield Black Rock chicken is one of the most popular choices for free-range poultry keeping, both domestically and commercially.
There are plenty of reasons for this: They are extremely hardy birds having been bred in Scotland specifically for outdoor free ranging (unlike other hybrids bred for indoor commercial egg production).
They have superior shell quality producing a med to large egg with slight tint with excellent productivity levels (280 eggs PA is a realistic figure). They are active foragers and are long lived (up to 7 years with productive laying having been recorded). They are great characters and very friendly.

Visually the Black Rock is an extremely attractive bird, predominantly black with variable amounts of chestnut colouring around the neck.

Peter Siddons was the breeder of the Black Rock at his Muirfield farm, Kinross for over 65 years, having taken over parent stock from Arbour Acre. In recent years, his failing health prompted the move of all the birds to Crosslee Farm, Bridge of Weir, where Eddie Lovett and his son Calum are continuing his work, in association with Peters daughters, Kate and Gillian.

Black Rock parents

The Black Rock is sex – linked: the hens and cocks are identifiable at hatching, due to the crossing of the silver gene in the Barred Rock with the gold gene of the Rhode Red parent stocks. These parent flocks are also held solely at the hatchery, and fresh stocks are bred each year. There is longevity and vigour bred into the parents, with good fertility. The parent lines at crosslee farm go back 150 years.

Which in itself is a unique genetic legacy. We decided to offer this hybrid because we believe that after 65 years of care and special breeding it is as close to a traditional breed as a hybrid can get and will suit anyone wanting no hassle back yard chucks.